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AJ 's Clothing Collection

October 14, 2015 - By Team AJ

AJ has teamed up with the popular clothing line Beautiful Disaster to create "AJ's Animal Avenger Collection".  The collection features AJ and her adopted dog Larry Talbot.  All proceeds will go to PAWS Chicago, a non-kill shelter in the Chicagoland area. You can join AJ's fight and purchase a shirt for the charity at or through our shop page.  Here is the official press release via PAWS Chicago:


Proceeds Will Help Save the Lives of Chicagoland’s Homeless Pets

CHICAGO (October 12, 2015) – PAWS Chicago is excited to announce a new collaboration with former WWE Divas Champion, celebrity AJ Brooks, and Beautiful Disaster Clothing to benefit homeless animals.  Starting today, Beautiful Disaster will launch “AJ’s Animal Avenger” collection, featuring AJ and her dog “Larry”, whom she adopted from PAWS Chicago earlier this year. 

“This past February, I was home healing from a surgery and was struggling to keep a positive attitude. I needed a purpose greater than throwing a daily pity party for myself,” said Brooks. “I’ve been a rescue dog mom several times and occasionally found comfort in scrolling through pictures of animals on various adoption center websites, just to fantasize about adding to the family. Then I found my guy on” 

She continues, “The second I saw his face, pointy bat-like ears, soulful eyes, pronounced under bite, hilariously messy hair, with a bit of an attitude problem to boot - I knew I had found the one. I excitedly showed my husband [UFC Fighter, CM Punk] and he immediately fell in love. We both had a deep connection to this mutty misfit. A few days later the little Wolfman, we named Larry Talbot, was a member of the family and helped nurse me back to health. Our little guy has endured such a hard past but is nothing but gracious and loving. He has brought so much happiness into our home that I wanted to find a way to give back to the amazing people who took care of our furry baby before we could.”

AJ reached out to Beautiful Disaster Clothing, a long-time favorite brand of hers, to collaborate on creating an exciting clothing line to benefit PAWS Chicago. “Beautiful Disaster represents society’s misunderstood rebels - strong, brave women and men who have overcome adversity and shout their individuality from the rooftops. Together, PAWS Chicago and Beautiful Disaster are the perfect match!” she said. 

Christie DuVarney, Owner of Beautiful Disaster Clothing, was equally excited about the partnership. “When we discovered her support for the brand and her love for animals we knew we were on to an amazing collaboration!” she exclaimed. “Joining forces with AJ and PAWS Chicago, where she rescued her dog, has been a blessing and we are incredibly excited to donate all proceeds to this fantastic organization. Whether you are furry or human, male or female, we all go through trials and we all deserve to be lifted up, supported and empowered to be the best versions of ourselves.”

“Oftentimes people have misconceptions about shelter animals and miss out on the wonderful, life-altering attributes only a rescue animal can provide,” said Brooks. “They are courageous little survivors who will enrich your life with their wise and special souls. I am very proud to do whatever small part I can to contribute to an unparalleled organization in PAWS Chicago and help inspire others to join me in becoming an animal avenger!’

PAWS Chicago is grateful for the partnership, which will directly help save the lives of homeless pets.

For more information or to make a purchase, visit

Beautiful Disaster Clothing is a brand that represents the trials and triumphs of all who wear it. As a company we celebrate the struggles that life hands us and we encourage a strong belief in one’s self that every obstacle will reveal itself as an opportunity. Bold actions, resilient attitudes and rebellious qualities are the ingredients that make up a Beautiful Disaster.

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AJ Brooks is a New Jersey native better known under her former ring name, AJ Lee. She is an author with the Leshne Agency, proud supporter of shelter animals, and former professional wrestler with the WWE, known for her "Geek Goddess" persona, "Crazy Chick" unpredictable antics, and controversial outspoken nature. 

She is a former 3x WWE Divas Champion, Raw General Manager, 3x Slammy Winning Diva of the Year, and the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. Her fan base is one of the most dedicated in the world, as evidenced by her almost 2 million twitter followers.

When she isn't kicking butt in the ring, or playing Xbox for hours on end, AJ fights for animal rights and enjoys spreading the word about the benefits of volunteerism and adoption.  To learn more about AJ, visit

Follow AJ at:

PAWS Chicago (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a national model in No Kill animal sheltering, committed to bringing an end to the killing of homeless cats and dogs.  As Chicagoland’s largest No Kill shelter, and one of the largest in the nation, PAWS has helped to reduce the number of homeless pets killed in the city by 77 percent since its founding in 1997.

In 2014, PAWS Chicago found homes for 5,952 homeless pets through its Lincoln Park and North Shore Adoption Centers and performed 18,290 spay and neuter surgeries through its Lurie Clinic and GusMobile Spay/Neuter Van. These two medical resources give PAWS Chicago the ability to provide free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and humane education to under-resourced families and neighborhoods that need the most help in controlling pet population.


Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent evaluator, has consistently given PAWS Chicago its highest four-star rating, placing the organization in the top 1% of charities in the nation. PAWS Chicago is also the most highly rated charity in the country in the Animal Rights, Welfare & Services category.


To become a fan of PAWS Chicago on Facebook go to:


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